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  • pickledHerringChronicles

    it’s now down to the weekend before the 24th-and my mom sent me out on a mission to get food for eve of christmas. i also just watched one of the worst adaption of a book possible, theGoldenCompass! Yuck. talking animals and a plot that you couldn’t even follow as they kept introducing new aspects […]

  • waiting inLine

    thanks(Giving) was simple and fun this year-spent half the day cooking and the other half eating.  the brief intermission-slowed the city and the House down a bit. i went for a hike yesterday, enjoying frost-and higher altitudes, over-dressed munchkins. babies wrapped in so much clothing their little hands and feet are sticking out in all directions. […]

  • catchUp

    i Hate being sick and fevering-that i got Right after my flu shot-has finally passed. things at the transitional house have been weird lately; one of the best women there left for a new place outside of the house, my neighbor in my suite finally learned to lower the volume on her noxious stereo. i also […]