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  • informative/eh

    well, i couldn’t help myself after reading a thread in a writing organization i am member of that-bloggers don’t research topics & only write Rants. i was tempted to send an email back saying that she was wrong on all counts. i write on sporadic schedule & Usually don’t have a plan for what i […]

  • six shots later….

    of espresso i have found a topic @ bottom of my cup. i woke up this morning feel Very fatigued, having fibromyalgia for the past six years have taught me that there are days like this. this morning i had a previous engagement i ended up having to re-schedule, & taking a mini nap to […]

  • too pretty…

    to fly? are you kidding me-i am sitting sipping a small mocha, contemplating how younger Yers get attention. per-se causing obvious disturbances on aircraft & then wondering Why they are not allowed to fly. i don’t think i need to spell this out, i think my reading audience is smarter than that. besides the fact […]