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  • Reflection of 49 years

    When I was in my youth I thought that’d wouldn’t make it to my 21st birthday, the day I turned 21st I felt weird & strange that I hadn’t committed suicide by then. My childhood; what I remember was not fun. Now, I’m a year away from being 50 & I’m in awe that the […]

  • Behind the times

    When I moved back to Norway 6 years ago, I mistakenly thought the universal healthcare would be top notch. After dealing with 6 doctors in 4 years & the unprofessional police departments that send you off to psych eval & blame you for things you can Actually prove you haven’t done. I’m no longer impressed, […]

  • Happy ’23

    It’s the beginning of a new year & I feel elated that ’22 is gone. There’s so much happening this year, I’m applying for grad school, working on a book that I have to get back to & my goal this year is to make new friends. Out with the old or as we say […]