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When your doctor fails

I’ve had my share of bad GPs but this last one takes the cake. I am applying for grad school in the Fall & am looking for work. I send out a CV a week with a cover letter. I write every day I can in my journals. My highly unprofessional GP sent me a…

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Single cap & willing to travel

As our short jaunt to CPH winds down, I am grateful for cafes with excellent coffee & people watching. CPH has been adventure. With some highlights, such as Democratic Coffee off the main drag & cafĂ© Wilder where we ate on the first night. We had a total miss at a supposed good restaurant. But…

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To me Green is a sign of Spring, telling me that Summer is just around the corner. Our fruit trees sprout little green leaves in Spring. Grass goes from ashen brown from Winters frost to a light shade of green. My allergies flare up with the hardier trees dropping pollen, forces me to blow my…

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