A new Hope

I am stealing the title of Star Wars to express how excited I am about yesterday’s festivities in D.C. It’s really lovely to have a grown up in the White House again. Everything went off without a hitch.

Biden has many things he needs to repair, as the country is in shambles. COVID is surging across the country & the hospitals are flooded. But I am sure he’ll manage, one step at a time.

I cried in front of the TV last night, feeling like I am no longer living in exile. Today I just feel exhausted from the stress of the last 4 years. Something I wasn’t sure would come to an end.

No more rambling tangents or mocking people with disabilities. Or yelling at the media. It feels surreal but good at the same time. Biden has alot of work to do but if anyone can do it he can. I have faith for the first time in 4 Long years.

The country needs to heal from the trauma & the Insurrection that took place 2 weeks ago. It’ll take time but I believe it can happen. There’s finally real change at the White House. Yay!

Till next time, smile things will be okay.

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