A divided country

Last week I made the fatal mistake of commenting on a thread I should’ve left alone. I was openly harassed on the thread & ended up having to report it. It shows how divisive America has become. How Trumpism has become the accepted norm & even though Parler & other sites have been shutdown they’re spreading their hate on sites like Facebook.

I was distraught by what happened, it shows how immature they’re & how they find harassment a norm. That’s not the country I remember, or what I experienced living there.

I have made the decision to not comment on threads with that much hate. It’s no longer safe to do so; something that I learned the hard way. I still have friends on Facebook, my glasses are off & I wanted it to be a safe space but to learn that it’s not was sad.

I think it’s sad that the internet has become this monster you no longer want to wake. I hope no one out there experience’s what I did. Stay safe out there.

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