A surprise.

Over 20 years ago I never thought I would be inching towards my 50’s. My life was a sequence of turbulent times that felt that they would not change. Now, I look back & feel grateful for what I have Right now.

In my 20’s I felt lost & confused, hence I focused all my energy on school. I am proud of my degree because I got it with blood, sweat & tears. It wasn’t easy & I even had a vindictive professor in my last year of school; something that didn’t help my GPA.

But in the end I finished & that’s what counts. Today I try to write in one form or another everyday. I write in my journal or my blog or my book. I stay proactive with my writing because that’s what I am best at. Today, I’ve 30 years of writing behind me, something I never thought would happen.

I have tried painting but like words better, I am able to say exactly what I mean, without any fuss. Writing is my lifeline it’s how I process & how I let go.

Till next time, stay warm & be careful on the internets.

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