Category: observation

  • “live”Olympics

    i have been seething the last 10 days, maybe it’s the icon that says Live on screen when i watch the Olympic coverage, maybe it’s the incessant political commercials, exxonmobile& a wide variety of other large name companies that have bought a piece of the Olympic NBC coverage. i watched the women’s volleyball 12 hours […]

  • theViewfromWhereIam

    i live in a transitional shelter, where the women i live with only obligation is to find housing & lie around sleeping beautiful summer days away. where fights erupt over burners, cigarettes& clothes usually stolen from the wash. i do a chore everyday, it’s a small penance for having a roof over my head. the […]

  • familje

    i remember being in norway on the couch in my grandmothers living room & not being able to sleep because i wanted to remember the way it looks& smells. something that i thought after not being there for so long had made me forget, instead i became sad because it hadn’t changed. her TV still […]