The 3rd Wave

Here we’re in the Third wave of the pandemic & another lockdown is upon us again. However this time the amount of people that are in the hospital keeps climbing as does the amount of cases in Oslo. Where there’s a spike & the R# is getting out of control.

The Third & fourth wave are usually the most serious as the variants of COVID have become more easily spread, the British & Brazil variants are far more contagious. Something I find scary. I expected another lockdown just not over Easter.

I feel more at peace with it at this point & sadly have come to a realization that we may not be able to travel anywhere until 2022. Since the Norwegian vaccination effort is slower than an elephant, I doubt I will be vaccinated before October.

It doesn’t help however that one of the vaccines is faulty & had to be pulled from the efforts that are already slow. I am getting fed up with being at home but what’s the alternative??

I guess I’ll have to find some way of getting excercise & walk around the neighborhood for one. This is soo frustrating but the alternative is far worse. All the hope I had two months ago is gone. Makes me sad.

Till next time.

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