When the warranty expires

Here I am 6 months after my first laser surgery having to do it again. It sucks, but the pressure is up in both my eyes so I don’t have much choice. My eyes are okay other than that.

We had Spring for about 2 weeks, but now it’s -1 or 35F & snowing. Soo much for Spring I guess? I had to wear a heavy sweater with one of my Winter coats today. Yeah Spring. Not.

The eye problem really bothers me, as I can feel my eye sight slipping. Meh. But I have to deal with it. It’s just something I was hoping to avoid.

The powers that be have told us that the society will Slowly open again. Of course we have no dates so that makes it fun. I hope to be vaccinated sometime in May? Fingers crossed.

Other than that it looks as if we’re having another Summer without travel internationally. Such fun. We’ve No idea what we’re going to do?

Till next time, maybe Spring will reappear???

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