The small dog & the over weight girl.

Last night we went to the big lake by our house & walked the dog. We walk our dog & hike with him. Something that’s good for us & our pet. However since the pandemic hit more people have gotten pets & they’re clueless about their care or not capable of picking up the poop. Gross.

We live in a neighborhood with lots of small kids & when I see poop on the sidewalk I get angry. Not because I might step in it but that a little kid may touch it. Also gross.

Last night we saw an overweight girl that was most likely told by her doc to excercise with tea cup size dog. She hadn’t walked it anywhere that was obvious. But that’s why I have maintained my weight through this whole pandemic because I move my body.

I’ve seen & heard people that have gained weight through this rough year & half. Something that I wouldn’t allow to happen to me. You’ve to be a little physical otherwise everything goes down hill. This week since Sunday we have walked & hiked 12km in a span of 3 days.

Excercise is important but don’t get a pet just you can have something in your purse, get a pet so you can climb tough terrain & conquer your fears. Get your adrenaline pumping & be proud of your accomplishments. Not so you can pretend you’re a celebrity.

Till next time.

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