After a decade

So, I’m no longer impressed with the healthcare system in Norway. I had a GP in the US I had for 10 years. In Norway I’ve gone through 4 GP’s in 4 years. Not okay. I realize that my former doc caused lasting damage to my health record & that’s Not professional or acceptable.

Hence, why things transpired with the Norwegian health authority. Not okay. I am not impressed, not in the slightest. They’ve raised the premium to $400 instead of what it was before.

The new doc is skating on thin ice with me because she messed up pretty bad after my first visit with her & I am no longer impressed. After how unprofessional the other docs have been, I feel trepidation with my next visit. She should be able to make better notes & keep track of her patients.

That’s not on me as a patient it’s on her as the doctor. First do NO harm, it says in their oath. She also apparently can’t send emails either. I am going to tell her she has Big shoes to fill & the next appointment hinges on that. Fingers crossed she has enough sense & professionalism to rectify her Fu** up.

Till next time.

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