Month: January 2008


the short list-or how i have become a PNWen’r-when i first came to PNW i believed in umbrellas instead of hats, i thought that charF**** was “good” coffee and i also had my grande latte, extra hot, i also thought that my latte had come with too much foam. i was pondering how i prefer…

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maybe i should become one of those people that are to Kewl celebrate christmas and shun holidays; that is as bad as people who are Vegans but smoke rjr nabisco made cigs! i won’t-i hate cigs anyway.  what made the irony of comment was cemented by three hundred dollar emblemed jacket she was wearing. contradiction.…

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i am sitting at my beau house eagerly awaiting the new year–maybe it’s because 07 was a year of firsts which has changed my life for the better. it has been several months since i left the day shelter and entered transitional housing. a place that has changed how i view my own goals and…

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