the short list-or how i have become a PNWen’r-when i first came to PNW i believed in umbrellas instead of hats, i thought that charF**** was “good” coffee and i also had my grande latte, extra hot, i also thought that my latte had come with too much foam. i was pondering how i prefer the smaller cup for my coffee. i lived next to a local roaster for 6 months and was lucky to see how the ReallyGood stuff is made. my whole view of coffee changed.

i titled this entry the waterCooler games, as the nfl playoffs are this weekend. i watched ManU score out Arssenal today, ahem we are again Numero Uno on the table in the Premiership; it was hard to watch newcastle get their butts kicked with a six/0 ending score. but Hey…i can’t really complain.

i have shrunk my music collection from my cd’s into a small piece of electronics that is lighter than my phone and as a light as a piece of paper. years ago i wrote about how i thought burning music on your PC was unPC, since then my view has shifted not because someone lifted my old beater walkman on the bus with a compulation CD that was limited release. not having the walkman wasn’t such a downer, rather it was the missing the CD i had in it. besides for the fact that the walkman would qualify for frequent flier miles.

i take my coffee in 8oz cups, and when i hear people order extra hot like today a guy behind me in line ordered-my eyebrows shotUp and i had contain myself, don’t you know how to drink that? line. i wasn’t picking him up, and i am sure that my pals on the other side of the counter would have told me to shut it. i was recently accused of eating Healthy in the house i am living in, as i make these random spinach omelette’s when the mood strikes. i have always been eating well, even when i was homeless this summer i used the little cash i had and ate from WholePaycheck as it was eatable.

the meal i had while living out of the day shelter was a small gift to myself. i cherished everyday. since living out of my backpack for nearly 2months; i no longer run and out and get things just to get them. i think about if i am actually going to use whatever i have bought. i donated a new pair of pants i bought last summer, they no longer fit but what it reminded me of more was why. if you ever see me out, i will be typer sipping and savouring that ceramic 8-0z of coffee. pondering when i will write a new poem, or jotting down notes on what i should place in this bubble that is my blog.

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