i am sitting at my beau house eagerly awaiting the new year–maybe it’s because 07 was a year of firsts which has changed my life for the better. it has been several months since i left the day shelter and entered transitional housing. a place that has changed how i view my own goals and past patterns. i was also taken off medication that made me incapacitated and unable to remember passwords and 4 digit numbers. i am lucky to have a doctor that recognized how catatonic and how my daily functions where hindered. i received some good news in the mail the other day and am looking forward to the next step…

i went to a few side attractions when my parents where in town and spent the last week going shopping for made in washington stuff with my sister, and being able to communicate with my folks. they have finally come to realize why i love the PNW. my sister and i for the first time in years managed to get along without a hitch; she loved The Market and the space needle. i found some awesomely bad behavior the other evening when we where eating some hearty grilled salmon and listening to a couple that was more comfortable sitting on their cell phones than actually talking to each other(marriage ending soon.)

i spent 90 minutes in a store and only bought a pair of jeans at a really sweet sale, having good chinese food in The Market, bought potatoes @ my favorite place (that we had for the smorgaasbord.) my meatballs where a huge hit and we had a taste test between my sister and my mom’s cookies; the winner won’t be on here(sorry.) i went to a geek store and looked @ digital cameras(really fun!) and laptops. had some really great sushi and dinners out. this year has brought people back in my life that i thought i had lost, giving me a new view on life.

living in The Moment is the best place to be.

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