maybe i should become one of those people that are to Kewl celebrate christmas and shun holidays; that is as bad as people who are Vegans but smoke rjr nabisco made cigs! i won’t-i hate cigs anyway.  what made the irony of comment was cemented by three hundred dollar emblemed jacket she was wearing. contradiction.

i am not a fan of wearing emblems for companies, i rip tags of my jeans. the only emblem i wore in high school was hard rock. now, i just wear threadless shirts-i like supporting the local graphic artists and the site online is really good.

i finally have begun reading again something i haven’t done since last summer when i was still surfing on mats and didn’t know where i would sleep at night. now, that my housing is coming together i sleep better at night and have begun getting up earlier in the morning, something that feels really good. having the doubt erased has helped.

i had the chance to see a wedding band 100x my former rent today, on a unhappy bleached out careerGirl. i would have spent that kind of money on another house or maybe start something local for the community with it. if you can afford that kind of money one can also afford to give back to the community. enough said.

maybe, it’s the fact that i have seen the very wealthy be Very unhappy even they have everything under the sun. money doesn’t cause happiness, that has to already be intact before all the dough. i have become immune to that kind of attitude; the i can have everything and me, me, me. it gets old after a while. i just got my new mp3 and need my fill of the shout out louds, out of sweden their music is Great.

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