Month: January 2008

  • feeling Juno

    the postal service is playing in the background @ the cupcake place as i am watching kids on winterBreak scramble in for a quick sugar rush and laughter. found 4gigs of ram on my ol’ beater laptop this past weekend and had a sudden new urge to go to a gym and attempt to regain what […]

  • hardShell

    i was ecstatic when i received snow shoes for christmas, i have always liked skiing and being outdoors and i know how to dress, duh growing up in Scandinavian…or so i thought till this past weekend when i pulled a city-slicker move and wore jeans with my gators, and my new shoes kicked up snow to […]

  • etchaSketch….

    it is one of those days where the sun creeps in the windows, my writers block comes and goes. waves. the olympics look like silver peaks with the mountain covered in a beautiful blanket of white. the sidewalks are black ice hell. sand? pourly made second latte bummed me out today. maybe it was the […]