Month: November 2007

  • redShoes

    i am walking around with a new pair of shoes-a gift from my BF, a surprise i didn’t expect-the irony being that i got a pair of fugly slip-ons from an ex i have only referred to as the 11k ex. as i spent 9 months in physical therapy dealing with the injury i had. i […]

  • flareDay

    monday is finished, i am between training and getting my life back together after nearly a year of not knowing where i’d end up. right now i am dealing with my chronic fatigue-today, i am flared(translates into muscle pain, and exhaustion) i spent the morning catching up on sleep that i had lost the night […]

  • Mon-days

    carrrotCake cupcake monday. sitting on the otherside of the canal; it’s bright and sunny and stillMonday. yep-Monday! i am in a weird mood over some things that are going on with my transitional housing. it’s a head scratcher-i can’t decide if it’s goodVSbad? why do i dislike Mondays? things are always lopsided on mondays. sitting […]