carrrotCake cupcake monday. sitting on the otherside of the canal; it’s bright and sunny and stillMonday. yep-Monday! i am in a weird mood over some things that are going on with my transitional housing. it’s a head scratcher-i can’t decide if it’s goodVSbad? why do i dislike Mondays? things are always lopsided on mondays. sitting next to some Feisty 20 somethings is waking me up.

in college i always had Massive papers do mondays and i remember never having a weekend. saturday was a great day…i went to one of the biggest parks in the city with a feisty four legged creature and my BF. the four legged creature behaved himself, something that never happens. the four legged creature is almost 7 years, he has slowly begun to slow down. some-what.

there is one very cool aspect about Mondays. i go to my bowling league on mondays–something i have to forgo as i am in training for my new job tonight. last week i had a 135 pt game and opened my second game with a strike. bowling is a Great stress reliever. especially when one dances in the aisles after games, oh yeah. although, our alley has been taken over by hipHop and rap-from one of these Ubernew jukeBoxes.

the darjeerling limited is a great Flick! owen wilson plays the controlling older brother-who nags incessantly during the entire movie. as someone who grew up with a younger sister and way Too many male cousins, owen nails the older brother part. going to India for a spiritual journey with a poor tour guide-and going to a temple @ each stop. can’t Give away the ending, but better see it @ the theatre.


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