Month: November 2007

inthe Breakroom

retail has always been an Ugly sport to work in-even when it has a pretty green bow on top. i spent most of November running to training sessions at a conglomerate that hides behind it’s co-op roots. i spent hours listening to Boring and often common sense thinking in the work place. the training was…

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waiting inLine

thanks(Giving) was simple and fun this year-spent half the day cooking and the other half eating.  the brief intermission-slowed the city and the House down a bit. i went for a hike yesterday, enjoying frost-and higher altitudes, over-dressed munchkins. babies wrapped in so much clothing their little hands and feet are sticking out in all directions.…

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the last few months have been one of the hardest in my life and i would not be working or having a place to live if it wasn’t for my friends who didn’t leave my side after i became homeless for the first time in my life.  this short list is for all of those…

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i Hate being sick and fevering-that i got Right after my flu shot-has finally passed. things at the transitional house have been weird lately; one of the best women there left for a new place outside of the house, my neighbor in my suite finally learned to lower the volume on her noxious stereo. i also…

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for the past week i have been sick with the Flu-i slept more than i have in a longTime and really needed it. stay Tuned for my Thanksgiving entry next week.

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i am walking around with a new pair of shoes-a gift from my BF, a surprise i didn’t expect-the irony being that i got a pair of fugly slip-ons from an ex i have only referred to as the 11k ex. as i spent 9 months in physical therapy dealing with the injury i had. i…

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