Month: November 2007

  • cute dogs and

    hot chocolate. stay tuned for prep for Saint Lucia, the winter equinox.

  • inthe Breakroom

    retail has always been an Ugly sport to work in-even when it has a pretty green bow on top. i spent most of November running to training sessions at a conglomerate that hides behind it’s co-op roots. i spent hours listening to Boring and often common sense thinking in the work place. the training was […]

  • waiting inLine

    thanks(Giving) was simple and fun this year-spent half the day cooking and the other half eating.  the brief intermission-slowed the city and the House down a bit. i went for a hike yesterday, enjoying frost-and higher altitudes, over-dressed munchkins. babies wrapped in so much clothing their little hands and feet are sticking out in all directions. […]