i am walking around with a new pair of shoes-a gift from my BF, a surprise i didn’t expect-the irony being that i got a pair of fugly slip-ons from an ex i have only referred to as the 11k ex. as i spent 9 months in physical therapy dealing with the injury i had. i still have too much pain that it hurts to run and do really physical activity. i adore my red shoes, because i adore and love the guy that gave them to me.

they are simple maryJanes and are the first pair of red shoes i have owned since being an adult. i haven’t had a pair of red shoes since i these cute pink shoes my dad bought for me when i was 10; strawberry shortcake shoes that he had purchased in america when we still lived in norway. they where awesome. my first cabbage patch kid was bought in norway-and i adored it-back then they where cheaper to buy overseas.

i miss my old scrappy apartment with a view of the mountains, but don’t miss the Slum lord aspect of where i lived, nor the discrimination i got for being a woman. not having access to everything is what is the hardest. living out of my backpack was hard i remember finding a really great shirt but decided to give it away as i didn’t want to carry that and other things my mom thought was good.

my writing has changed-because of the medication i am on and how i am functioning. someone suggested i take pictures of my room-and blog about my life in transitional housing. i decided against it partially out of respect of the other women i live with and for myself.

i am Glad it’s Friday! i’m fruitcake prepping this weekend.

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