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  • It’s okay Not to be okay

    I am sad as my Farmor passed this week, she was 102 & the matriarch of my family. She taught me how to fish for trout in the mountains north of her house. How to hike in the mountains, what to look for & how to figure out where you are. Hence, I am okay […]

  • Spring has sprung

    Well, the good news is that one can now have an utepils & see friends but not more than 5. It’s a start so it makes me happy. Hopefully the local news tomorrow won’t be full of COVID cases & we can really enjoy Spring. The neighborhood is full of people doing yard work & […]

  • Greylight

    So it begins my world as an author will be very real by the end of the week. My book is a compulation of 20 years worth of work. As I lived both on the East coast & Seattle it showcases both. Writing poetry & this blog has been essential for my mental & physical […]