It’s okay Not to be okay

I am sad as my Farmor passed this week, she was 102 & the matriarch of my family. She taught me how to fish for trout in the mountains north of her house. How to hike in the mountains, what to look for & how to figure out where you are.

Hence, I am okay not being okay because I am grieving, even though I knew it was coming. I am sad but relived she’s with all her friends & her husband wherever you go when you pass.

She was a strong & stubborn woman that would not let you even do dishes in her house. When we got married 10 years ago she asked all her friends to make us cakes. Something that I’ll never forget. The table was full of cakes in all shapes & colors.

I wanted to get married in a bunad & she found someone that let me borrow it for the ceremony. I still have pictures of me with it on, on the steps of her house. A memory I am grateful for, when she baked in her little galley kitchen no one was allowed in.

As a child I remember the smell of cakes wafting through her house. The cupboard always fully stocked with soda for us kids. It’s memory I will hold dear to my heart. Or when she cured trout in her bathroom & we couldn’t shower for 24 hours.

Those where the days, I ate soo much chocolate & cakes my teeth would hurt. Or when I visited from the US & went to visit at Christmas & she made me shrimp sandwiches for breakfast after I had gone out dancing until the early AM.

Her famous bread she could slice with precision. Soo many good memories to hold to my heart. I am grateful I got to spend time with her the last few years. Rest in peace Farmor. Love you always.

Till next time.

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