Rediscovering my poet voice

I wanted to share some of my favorite poets yesterday, as I am working on a new book that I want to have a modern flair. One of my others that I found from a book from university. Li Young Lee work is powerful & sentimental as Mary Oliver is direct & gut punching.

I have even dipped my eyes in the passion of Portuguese poets, who’s visually stunning & raw in their translation. Something I picked up in Lisbon in 2017, the same year as my first book came out.

In my new book I want my prose & the poems to jump from the page. I want to seduce my readers & collaborate with a modern artist that finds inspiration from my work. I miss the galleries of the MOMA in New York City, the view & Picasso I saw at the TATE in London.

Cezanne’s the card players I saw here recently, colors dancing in the painting. I have seen it before in New York City in the 1990’s around the same time I saw Seurat at the Met. If you are someone or knows someone who wants to collaborate with me please contact me in my bio.

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