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Returning to “normal”

There’s rumors going around that we will be living without national restrictions soon & we will be returning to normal. Whatever that means, not having to wear a mask on transit sounds nice & keeping a meter distance from everyone will be good, I think? I have a faint memories of hugs & shaking people’s…

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i Hate being sick andĀ fevering-that i got Right after my flu shot-has finally passed. things at the transitional house have been weird lately; one of the best women there left for a new place outside of the house, my neighbor in my suite finally learned to lower the volume on her noxious stereo. i also…

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monday is finished, i am between training and getting my life back together after nearly a year of not knowing where i’d end up. right now i am dealing with my chronic fatigue-today, i am flared(translates into muscle pain, and exhaustion) i spent the morning catching up on sleep that i had lost the night…

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