Returning to “normal”

There’s rumors going around that we will be living without national restrictions soon & we will be returning to normal. Whatever that means, not having to wear a mask on transit sounds nice & keeping a meter distance from everyone will be good, I think?

I have a faint memories of hugs & shaking people’s hands. Something I think will be frowned upon by nearly everyone. People are still afraid of holding onto the poles on buses even though they’ve shown that COVID can’t survive on the surfaces. I think the need to sneeze & cough will be met by angry looks & comments.

Normal won’t be normal, it’ll be hybrid of how we lived before. With restrictions & hygiene reminders everywhere. How a cold can be viewed as deadly when it’s simply a cold. I wonder if we’ll still need to wear a mask on planes or they’ll allow us the freedom to travel without them. Soo many questions & I wonder how the earth will survive in the future, now that we’ve nearly destroyed our planet.

I will miss the days Before the pandemic & how open we where with each other & those around us. Maybe hybrid normal won’t be soo bad, but only time will tell how we again readapt to what is coming next?

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