i Hate being sick and fevering-that i got Right after my flu shot-has finally passed. things at the transitional house have been weird lately; one of the best women there left for a new place outside of the house, my neighbor in my suite finally learned to lower the volume on her noxious stereo. i also picked up a job at one of the top companies on fortune 100 list of best companies to work at.

i got a job that will give me a little bit more money per-month. Yipeeee! i am working retail now something i have done before and wasn’t so certain about. i have some really good co-workers. Awe-some. i have finished another poem that i hope to read @ an open mic this week. something i haven’t done for a few months.

this past weekend my beau and i attended a BurningMan party @ a huge, cold warehouse. the party itself was pretty lame, but i got to see a few guys from a band i have been friends with for most of the time i have lived in seattle. a huge Highlight. even the beer was scarce, i walked around drinking cranberry juice out of one of those tacky plastic cups. sheek. Not. my beau and i found the party Boring-we snuck out early.

partying isn’t a Highlight of my life anymore-i prefer sitting at home and watching movies such as the last king of scotland, a gripping and quite disturbing movie that was really well made. i recommend  to anyone who has known of the disturbing military regimes in africa. by beau and i decided that the movie was better than the BurningMan party we attended, we thought of going back to the party @ 2am, but thought that sleeping was a bit more important  than being at a half a rave party.

for the first time i have belief in myself and my abilities-i am looking forward to a cozy thankgiving with my beau and watching movies on Friday-and eating leftovers. Yum.  

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