Category: observation

  • The invisible text & other tales of poor customer service.

    This morning we awoke to a 12 hour outage of our TV & internet. With No notification that this would occur. When I spoke with the provider for a second time he “claimed” they’d sent us a text message last Friday. The invisible text message that neither one of us got supposedly went out last […]

  • Art therapy & why it’s the future of therapy.

    I recently took a class in Oslo with art therapy as its focus. We focused on being present with ourselves & our new environment. I learned a ton about focus & being present that weekend. I believe that art therapy is the future of therapy as it uses all your senses to achieve this. As […]

  • When the pieces fit

    A few weeks ago I thought it was as simple as changing to an electronic lock, today I spent hours switching passwords on all our home electronics. That takes the Stalking to a whole new level. You see they had hacked all our electronics including the camera in the kitchen facing the front door. Not […]