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  • The things we lose

    I start this week with a sigh & sadness as someone I dearly loved has left my life. Signs were there for months that her heart was no longer in it. As my friends know from high school, I will stand by you no matter what. As long you respect my boundaries & support me. […]

  • Follow-up to the most recent post.

    First the female officer didn’t believe me by having the doctor call my house, it’s a very UN-professional way of making sure I would NOT file a police report. As recently as yesterday a woman threw herself out of a car, in the US they call that a Rolling domestic. The guy she was with […]

  • 6,000 miles with nothing changed.

    I start by writing this with caution as yet another police department doesn’t want to do their job. I will not name them BUT will say I am not surprised JUST angry. Stalking & entering someone’s home IS breaking the law. But I get referred to the emergency doctors office, who called me & wanted […]