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  • Soo close…

    But no cigar. We’re excited to hear that the government is now allowing us to be more open. After months of being cooped up. Then they tell us we may have to wait till the Fall to get vaccinated. Sux. Clearly. Today I have been reflecting on a toxic relationship I had for 6 months […]

  • Red flags on the bow

    19 years ago I made the mistake of dating a black hat programmer. The mistake had a impact on my life I didn’t expect. I had a tough time trusting other men after & the damage was psychological & brutal. I saw all the red flags right away but ignored them because I wanted to […]

  • almost there

    the thing i was becoming the most worried about has been resolved-the flowers & the dress. the dress fits me like a glove which makes me really happy and i can wear it after the wedding as a regular summer dress. now-the only worry i have is my positional vertigo that hasn’t struck me in […]