Soo close…

But no cigar. We’re excited to hear that the government is now allowing us to be more open. After months of being cooped up. Then they tell us we may have to wait till the Fall to get vaccinated. Sux. Clearly.

Today I have been reflecting on a toxic relationship I had for 6 months back in the Fall of 2005. He preferred his Expensive six pack of beer that he had Everyday to me. At the end of the relationship he assaulted me over crackers on his bed. Very mature he was.

Then he proceeded to stalk me until I became homeless in the Summer of 2007. When he couldn’t find me anymore he stopped. Pathetic. It rattled me though & I think he had a tracker on my phone. What made him particularly scary was that he lied on court documents & accused me of being a drug addict.

Something I have Never been not even when I was homeless. But the stalking was the most frightening. His inability in his 40’s to not let go. That’s also pathetic, when a grown man won’t take NO for answer. He reinjured my neck & didn’t take responsibility for it.

I feel sorry for him. How pathetic he was in the end & how desperate for attention. That’s why I was told not to file for a restraining order because he wanted my attention & expected me to use the court system much like he had. Making up bullshit just so he could get a rise out of me.

People such as him need to be put on ignore & walked away from. Now, I am married to a true gentleman, open, honest & sweet. That makes me grateful everyday.

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