almost there

the thing i was becoming the most worried about has been resolved-the flowers & the dress. the dress fits me like a glove which makes me really happy and i can wear it after the wedding as a regular summer dress.

now-the only worry i have is my positional vertigo that hasn’t struck me in 5 years. for a few hours i will feel okay and the dizziness returns and i am forced to lie down. something that reminds me of when i was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

i am also looking forward to traveling in week and getting away from all things that here. it’ll be fun to see a city in norway i haven’t seen since i was a child and to catch up with relatives.  all that is left is getting enough food for the flight and packing smart.

for now though-i am going to savour that everything is falling into place-even the dog sitter. such a relief. see ya’ll on the married side of life.

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