Month: May 2008


after much thinking& maybe some over thinking i decided to call off my present relationship. i realized after writing my last post that i needed to get my focus back on myself & what i need to do in the future when it comes to finding housing. the fact that we never Clicked the way…

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from where?

i have come to the realization lately that there are things i need to do on my own, namely get myself out homelessness. i have offers from people that are saying that they will give a place to stay if nothing turns out, but i realized that i am the Only One that can get…

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here i am sitting contemplating the virtues of relationships incl. my own. maybe it’s the fact that Springhas sprung? a few weeks back i thought it was Just my illness getting in the way; now i know it’s not my illness but actual behavior that is putting me on edge. i have spent the last…

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