Month: May 2008

  • wannabes

    in the last few days i have been dealing with an incompetent, unprofessional wannabe social worker that works in the house i live in. she has the knack of taking Personal Calls during her shift & will often dismiss you as she reaches into her bra to take it. Gross. the whole situation was quite […]

  • what a hard day feels like

    since i have begun writing about my schizophrenia & what my daily battles are has given me clarity. i have less than 6 months in the program i am in & have begun to get worried about housing & not ending up back on the street. however, i am doing everything i can to get […]

  • Oldghosts

    since, my decision last week i have decided to visit the places i spiraled in last summer, one place @ time. it’s not so much a test but for me to realize how Far i have come in the last 6 months on my own. since i am still juggling the housing situation i decided […]