Month: April 2008


the last few weeks have been harder than usually, with my sado flaring up when i least needed extra stress in my life. i had a week where i was paranoid about getting coffee & taking the bus to a part of town i love. living with a mental illness is hard somedays everything is…

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spiritually confused

since, my last entry i have been pondering what to write about & then it fell into my lap the way it usually does. the dalai lama is in seattle for a 5day stay @ the grandHyatt extravagance & tickets being sold to the local public.  the first thing that has bothered me about his…

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well, i couldn’t help myself after reading a thread in a writing organization i am member of that-bloggers don’t research topics & only write Rants. i was tempted to send an email back saying that she was wrong on all counts. i write on sporadic schedule & Usually don’t have a plan for what i…

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