Month: April 2008

  • alfredo?

    sounds appealing…? i spent the weekend running around with my partner & discovered a really Bad cook @ restaurant we went to yesterday. the sauce was runny, pasta was microwaved & was clumpy & severely undercooked. Gross. i had eaten almonds for lunch & was looking forward to some comfort food for dinner. i became […]

  • waitinglists

    the last few weeks have been nagging at me-after getting rejected for not having stable enough housing history from one of the bigger local low income housing places i felt desolate & worried. even though my partner has been cheering me on saying i have nothing to worry i about. i worry. i live in […]

  • ironicCoffee

    i moved to the best coffee capital in the US nearly a decade ago & fell in love with the smell of roasted coffee-& coffee houses that had cupp(ings.) the other weekend i am out with my significant other-& we’re cruising all over the city, procrastination never smelled so Good. i went into a new […]