well, i couldn’t help myself after reading a thread in a writing organization i am member of that-bloggers don’t research topics & only write Rants. i was tempted to send an email back saying that she was wrong on all counts. i write on sporadic schedule & Usually don’t have a plan for what i am going to write; this isn’t a research paper i am handing into a professor it’s words in cyberspace. i have written entries with researched material, i always source where i got my information from, i am first & foremost a Writer. i have been writing in some capacity or another for the past 15years give or take a few; although a majority of what i write rarely makes into my online entries. i am poet & have had  someone plagiarize a poem a few years back @ an open mic.

she couldn’t come up with her own material so she would sit & record other writer’s on the mic. sophisticated way of Stealing Material. i don’t claim to be the KnowItAll; but it’s also Why my poems will never be on webpage unless i submitted my work. being a Writer/poet & blogger means that i split what i write where. i have written about differences in poly & mono relationships, burningMan & a wide assortment of tawdry entries about DatesFromHell. i have written about my mental illness that is a upHill battle that i am starting to learn how to walkup. i may not sit down everyday & describe what i am wearing & my latest new gadget & how i deliberately don’t wear black to the gym.

i wear colors to the gym. period.

however, it’s a dull topic-there are plenty of things to write about that aren’t about my personal routines or how much time i spend where. simply that is ordinary stuff. dealing with my schizo affective disorder isn’t easy. today is a Good day. i am proud of myself as i began having a Trigger yesterday & was able to divert myself & not spiral. Yipeee!! a small step but a good one. having a mental illness changes how the sun looks-& waking up on the Otherside of the bed takes an entirely different meaning. when i wake up & feel Crappy i start figure out How. Why. even if i don’t get the answer i want, it’s a small step.

back to my original topic, if it wasn’t for blogs i wouldn’t know the link between fibromyalgia & my brain. something i learned from a blog. the information was informative & research based& taught me quite a bit. i get Circuits from the NY Times in my email box everyday& i find the information useful because it is written as a blog entry. i can’t say much else but being a non-Purist writer that uses the internet as much as i do my pen on paper-the information Shift is changing& our concentration is weaning; because we expect Answers conveniently in the first paragraph & if it isn’t there we stop reading.

that’s Society. it’s a Shift & lack of concentration & focus is becoming an issue when couples block each other out by using their cell phones & other gadgets to zone someone else out. i only Hope that ideas on the net will keep flowing, because the internet is the birth of Ideas& change That has to be Embraced. even if the hug is clammy & our palms become sweaty because we are Nervous: the Internet means change.

support your local Retailer. drink Local Joe. friends don’t Friends drink the Mermaid.

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