Month: March 2008


radiohead is screaming in my ear, blocking out the muzak from the cafe i am sitting in. inRainbows is one of my favorite albums. i am counting down the last hour before i have to deal with monday afternoon airspace. mondays are filled with airspace. i was Given Luck today. i adored this past weekend,…

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i am sitting in a newly designed, sheen, coffee shop that stands where Hines Coffee once was. Hines Coffee is legendary, a place i learned about coffee, roasting, espresso & that there is a Difference. now, it appears the Mermaid is copying what the small stores have been doing for years in seattle. making one…

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being present has been one of the hardest things in my life. what does it mean, that i feel whatever is going on & either find a solution or figure out if i am triggered. triggers can come from random behavior, thinking too much about a topic/situation rather than letting it play out making my…

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