radiohead is screaming in my ear, blocking out the muzak from the cafe i am sitting in. inRainbows is one of my favorite albums. i am counting down the last hour before i have to deal with monday afternoon airspace. mondays are filled with airspace. i was Given Luck today. i adored this past weekend, my boyfriend & i went to one of my favorite parks in the rain yesterday; empty. rain makes people stay indoors. i don’t mind the rain, of course i wear a hat. i wouldn’t be caught with an umbrella. a few years back i dated a guy he always carried his golfing umbrella, something i found lame and embarrassing.

i haven’t used an umbrella in years, if it’s raining i just wear my fleece jacket or borrow my boyfriends jackets if i don’t have my own. i love rain, because it’s not sleet, or ice it’s just rain. spending twenty years on the right coast makes me not miss sleet or black ice. i can drive & find black ice in the mountains outside of the city, something going to the passes are not worth doing. this past winter we went snowshoeing, something i really like because it doesn’t cost a bundle to shoe up & go.

seattle is having a boom in falling house prices & condos being built all over the place. what i find sad is that old historic buildings are shredded for air tight pricey small apartments that retail on the housing market as a condo. of course they are made overnight, exposed to all the conditions imaginable, then the outside walls are added after the future rot dries. in my boyfriends part of the city a few McCondos where being built, dirty construction company managed to put the windows in before it left the site. now, they are just a eyesore for the neighborhood that is full of mixed houses in all kind of shape.

my favorite part of the city has been turned into condos that are built overnight and placed on the market for anything from the low 200,000 to half a million or more. for fancy steel & ikea designed kitchens i would rather have a house with a yard. something the condo lovers would never consider. i grew up with grass surrounding my parents houses, we always had a swamp near by. made summer mosquitoes a Blast. i don’t miss the humidity of an eastcoast summer, i’d rather take the dry heat that seattle gets every summer for a few weeks. but i will pass on the trend of buying an apartment that is called a condo & was sitting out during rain & seasonal weather then made airtight. NoThanks. i did few years of habitat for humanity-& because of that i can spot a shoddy job from an eyesore away.

till next time boycott the mermaid.

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