Month: March 2008

  • “millionaires”

    this afternoon i was singing to james. millionaires while waiting for the bus. i have fond memories connected to the album as it was my last year of school when i listened to it-almost non-stop when i went out. a friend of mine owned a dance club & it was always on @ the front […]

  • springSnow

    i had to write about the snowfall in the pnw; it’s the Only thing the media is focusing & it’s of course falling in the passes & usual places. i am sitting across from the green monster watching people’s squeemish expressions as they walk by. pretty Funny. what could an entry without vanillagirls calling me […]

  • lockedOut

    i am sitting on my new laptop that conveniently came with office 07; something i was thrilled with till my trial period expired. i am locked out of my own laptop. being a writer makes this really frustrating as i have recently begun submitting my work. now i can’t even cut/paste as all functions within […]