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to fly? are you kidding me-i am sitting sipping a small mocha, contemplating how younger Yers get attention. per-se causing obvious disturbances on aircraft & then wondering Why they are not allowed to fly. i don’t think i need to spell this out, i think my reading audience is smarter than that. besides the fact that msnbc and the {today} show carried these ridiculous stories spells out how attention grabbing Yers are misusing the media. to say that they are all parisHilton wannabe’s down to their shaken n Bake tans, & obvi0us breast enhancement & savvy 15minutes of fame is pathetic.

one of the 3 women that has been in media flew on Southwest, an airline i have Never had a Badflight on-Ever. i have been flying on aircraft before the non-showered, wearing my pajamas and slipper set began showing up. i was even called a Pro/Expert traveler when flying out of NYC a little bit over a year ago by a Pilot flying home. what does being an Expert traveler mean, i am never fishing for my id @ checkpoints, my shoes are off before i am asked and i carry my own food & water. eating an overpriced brown bag lunch from the airlines is Gross. please, how long did it sit @ the storage facilityBefore making on the aircraft. i don’t want to know.

i tend to carry sushi with me, not only does it keep my blood sugar in check// protein & having a shelf life longer than most people believe. i also buy enough water for the day out of my departure airport, meaning i am not trapped having to buy more on my layover leg. the last time i flew i was wearing all black & hideous crocs, something i amOver wearing. i walked through the TSA checkpoint with no issues-and had a small wait @ the gate-it’s better than having to run…

back to these girls or Yers that think they are too Pretty to fly, that was never the issue in the first place & the statement Southwest airlines released showed this. i have flown Southwest for most of the last nearly 8 years i have been on the left coast. Please. i even was invited to an interview with them, they are one of the Best & smartest carriers that are in the sky, granted they do some cowboy jumping but what pilot has done that on approach When RunningLate. i rest my case. what bothers me about what these Yers did was seek media attention, wearing something obnoxious when you fly does Attract attention– i have sat next to people that feel the need to Narrate the Entire flight down to when drinks are brought down the aisle. Please.

i also have an issue with their obvious lack of self respect, considering that i can’t walk out of my house in a skirt without having guys slow their cars down & being whistled @ when i am barely showing Leg, something i now take as a blessing & curse. i have only flown in a dress once & spent the entire flight under the blanket the crew me, i was freezing on the entire leg(s) i was on. was it worth AllThe attention. Nada. i prefer men who see me not my body, as most women are smarter than what we may dress like. i can still fit into a bikini without embarrassment, as i am crawling into my mid 30’s. recently, i had a conversation with a friend of mine about the whole being seen as legs/ass& how much of that i have dealt with. i studied femTheory in college and nearly had a minor into Why women are still making a meek seventyFive cents to a dollar in the work place.

i understand that there are porn out there in cyberspace & men who do Give women the wrong kind of attention, even in the floundering early AM tv shows. this just means that they needed A Story; what Riled me about Southwest, hooters fiasco is that she had more done to her body in obvious places that where not appropriate, than i have made in my lifetime. she looked like a Hooker on the aircraft & was kind enough to give the {today} show a crotch shot, Gross. she isn’t getting out a limo, showing up on show with her attorneyPresent is another desperate attempt to shake down an airline for Discrimination-something she wouldn’t know anything about. she was asked to cover up on the airline for obvious reasons, blatantly obvious reasons.

before i turn this into a book i am going to hold off, next time you see a pretty thing-in the spring, keep your actions to yourself. No matter how much you may want to cat call her. cause a huge portion of my female friends don’t find it flattering to be seen as a piece of meat in your skillet. but then again-we may look @ like a piece of meat-But we won’t whistle @ you because you went to the gym for the past week & you started another Fad diet to get you shape for summer.

don’t support the littleGreen mermaid. drink local joe.

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