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  • A piece of paper

    Over 10 years ago I had to be hospitalized for my own we’ll being, I have learned since then that I’m much more than a diagnosis on paper. I’m a functioning human being that interacts with society on a daily basis. Stalkers & haters be damned as I have learned to live my life the […]

  • Two inches of Spring

    It’s April, so you’d think that snow has ended. Nope. We got two inches of the white stuff last night & today I had to wear wool & winter coat when I left the house. It’s melting somewhat but still. The hammering below us starts at 730 each morning & lasts most of the afternoon. […]

  • Advent Adventure’s

    We woke up this morning to not a drop of water in our house. The water pipe had frozen solid as the plumber had “forgotten” to plug it in. Such a good start to our Sunday morning. A few hours later, we showered at my husband’s office. Not the Sunday I had in mind. We […]