Month: October 2007


i am sitting @ my favorite coffee house sipping-yummy coffee after having to wake up at sunrise and battling the T key this early is exhausting. slowly-i am reclaiming the placesĀ i love-Zoka being one of them. i became a fan of this coffee house because it’s dog, kid and college(overdosed) on caffeine friendly. i made…

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where’s T?

i have an old beat up laptop that i have been using for the last year and half or so; it’s a slow start and hiccups on occasion. however, the T is broken or shall i say not working properly-making being Creative in front of the keyboard well Tough. hence, i am using the PC…

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port authority

i signed the lease today and am now an official tenant of the city; that feels really weird. considering that not even one month ago i was wondering where i would put my head. sleeping in the shelter was exhausting, i never let my guard down, i stopped being extroverted instead i became quiet, and…

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