i am sitting @ my favorite coffee house sipping-yummy coffee after having to wake up at sunrise and battling the T key this early is exhausting. slowly-i am reclaiming the places i love-Zoka being one of them. i became a fan of this coffee house because it’s dog, kid and college(overdosed) on caffeine friendly. i made a mistake a few years ago of buying coffee from a coffee house that was closing. bringing my dad to ask if he can buy it online when i show up with it.

i think i have finally found a format i am going to stick with….i hope? the forecast was calling for spit(rain) today-the clouds are hanging in the air, the brave are wearing their shorts having denial over summer ending. i really enjoy fall in the PNW because the city becomes quiet; silence creeps onto buses and social places. i had a very wet walk over the weekend and was given a kid hot chocolate, the sugar helped; it wasn’t warm. one of my favorite things to do is walking to catch the bus holding a warm cup of coffee. if it’s pelting rain, hail or swift wind. it’s Just weather.

modestMouse always play @ Zoka; i have heard them so much i feel i don’t need the MP3 version that it comes with. i am upgrading to headphones for my phone and hope to utilize my phones cool features nearly 6Months since i got it. my phone is worth more than the laptop i write my entries on. back to JobHunt and people watching..


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