where’s T?

i have an old beat up laptop that i have been using for the last year and half or so; it’s a slow start and hiccups on occasion. however, the T is broken or shall i say not working properly-making being Creative in front of the keyboard well Tough. hence, i am using the PC and using my laptop and escaping to job hunt, or update my facebook.

i had  a great weekend-no load or stressors; but some old school dictation by someone else that i live with. overbearing would be the PC alternative to how this person acts.  i am being kind. i faced criticism because i have Boundaries and don’t feel like signing off half the house for their chores.  catching heat…

 i had a very wet but romantic walk in the rain today; my jeans where sticking to me by the time i was done-it was a beautiful, foggy walk. @ the end i got a luke warm hot chocolate which doesn’t do much when you’re freezing. i thought of what i was write in entry, using the T key for words but typing is easier when all the keys work! will write more tomorrow have to see a friend off for a uberkewl  trip to an exotic country. 

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