Month: October 2007


today, made me realize why i am on medication and why i have always needed it; when i mistook my BF’s not answering his phone i began to create false images in my head. something that is common with people with SADO, however-i have began to catch myself when i do and he was kind…

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where did the art go?

marble counters@ my favorite coffee house is Great; for the first time since i lost everything in August i am back. i was thinking back to 9.11 this year & how i wasn’t wearing my 6Line shirt with my black skirt, making me really sad. i have since found the shirt but haven’t taken it…

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flinging about

showtunes, are bellowing from nearby speakers a selFish fling was seen today-there isn’t a fullMoon but my world feels like there might as well be one. maybe, it’s the fact that i am happy in relationship and what was is not was is. tomorrow-i will Actually Be Busy for an entire day, running to where…

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