flinging about

showtunes, are bellowing from nearby speakers a selFish fling was seen today-there isn’t a fullMoon but my world feels like there might as well be one. maybe, it’s the fact that i am happy in relationship and what was is not was is. tomorrow-i will Actually Be Busy for an entire day, running to where the norse are, dressing up and running errands.

the thrill of not having a bus because of issues with electricity issues rendered me to stay in the neighborhood-hazardous to myself as i get instant cabinFever. the old me is glad i no longer chase what was. something i used to find Fun; maybe it’s the challenge or just inability to let things go. job hunt is aFoot.

doing the chore of self-editing is exhausting especially when i have sent to some pretty large companies. i am all Fleeced out watching the uberkewl panty hose walk by where i am sitting. when i fly next i will be wearing these super comfortable fleece yoga pants. that brings me to my next subject my favorite jeans(6 year life span) are on there last legs, inappropriate rips would be one reason why i won’t wear them without covering up.

i also enjoy people watching, between this coffee house and wholefoods it’s paradise. i saw a woman that qualified for what not to wear. the outfit reminded me of some sort 80’s hooker the jeans and the heels where that tight. Ouch. when she got into the porsche it may as well been in the mid 80’s all over again. did i mention the bleached out hair.

more to come, the buses will be running tomorrow. :0)


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