Mugs & cups from the world

Do you have any collections?

I used to collect t-shirts, but about 10-12 years ago I began collecting cups & mugs. For instance I’m more impressed with handmade cups than manufactured cups made in China.

I have a cup from Hollyrood in Scotland & it’s King Charles’ favorite motif on the porcelain cup I enjoy one of a kind designs & cups with a story. It makes it more fun to let guests use & hear a story behind the mug.

When I was in Brussels, Belgium a few years ago pre-pandemic I found a cup that is hand-printed with mushrooms. It’s my hot chocolate mug in the Fall & it’s one of my favorite mugs. It’s from Gien & it’s all handmade.

I have a few others but those are more private. It’s easier to get through the airport & it’s fun to take home & unpack. That’s my collection & I’m really happy with it. Do you have something you can share with friends & loved ones?

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