Living above the Artic Circle

How do you feel about cold weather?

I found this question ironic as I lived above the Artic Circle for a year & after that I don’t find much else cold. I don’t like it in the Fall when we get freezing rain with wind making it go sideways. That’s hot chocolate weather & not even the dog likes it.

But cold weather in general doesn’t bother me, not when there’s wool in this world. However, as it nears Summer I get tired of wearing Winter socks & heavy jackets. It’s much more like to layer with a vest & sweater & bring a hat in my bag.

But I don’t think anything above 45 degrees is cold, 10C approximately. When you can wear a fleece & shirt it’s not cold. This past weekend I for once didn’t have wool as an under layer. That’s a sign that it’s Spring.

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