30 year old plus knitted

What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?

My Farmor was great at knitting & she could make anything. I have inherited some things from her that I adore. A cardigan she made a Long time ago & a knitted dress she made me in high school.

I’m not into fast fashion so I appreciate how long my clothes last. For example I just bought a new bathing suit & I still have the last one that’s over 10 years old. I’m not into wearing what’s hip just what makes me look good.

Wearing older clothes is something I’ve always done. I began wearing vintage in high school & a little after college. Vintage means early 1980’s & 1970’s not the 1990’s. I love Eileen Fishers recycled boutiques where I can always find something & the price is great.

Buying new is something I rarely do, instead of buying new trendy prints I buy clothes in one tone that I can wear again & again. I rarely ever buy anything with a pattern, then I could never wear it after the quarter is over.

I really like Toadandco.com & Prana for their use of recycled materials. I don’t shop at stores like Zara or H&M or Lindex. Not anywhere where it’s dumped in landfills if it doesn’t move fast enough. That’s unacceptable & destroying the planet.

One response to “30 year old plus knitted”

  1. I agree with fast fashion and tend to shop thrift shops more often than not. Though I do admit to buying new now and again if I see something I like.

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