Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I’ve not written for a while but I liked this question. I believe in gratefulness as the world is full of wars & disinformation & ghosting. I believe in being grateful everyday no matter what has transpired.

Being grateful for me means letting an elderly couple pass while I wait. Thanking my local bus driver or barista for their contribution to my day. Without the barista my coffee would be crap & without the bus driver I’d not get home.

Being grateful means listening to my dog sleep during the day. Or a neighbor saying hello. It can be something as simple as being kind when they don’t have to. Like today when I told some tourists where they could go in the city & what to avoid.

Being grateful is just being content with the day no matter how warped it may become. It means leaning into something when it’s difficult & breathing through the hard stuff. It’s about being human & accepting whatever comes my way. No matter how mean or bitchy someone is to me.

I think learning to be grateful is one of the best lessons I’ve learned. Maybe it was my crap childhood or maybe it was being homeless for a year. But I know that no matter what gets thrown my way I am strong enough to handle it. How do you cope in the face of adversity?

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